Non-Stop Entertainment from of the finest LGBTIQA+ Performing Artists

Celebrate on the mainstage with performances from award winning Artists, Comedians, Radio & TV Hosts, DJ’s, fashion and dog parades, choirs, and your favorite Drag Artists.


Your Hosts: Bambi Valentine & Roland Bull

11am - 11.05am
Welcome to Fresh Out

11.05am - 11.20am    
Welcome to Country

11.20am - 11.50am
Tiptoe Giants

11.55am - 12.10pm
Dog Parade

12.10pm - 12.40pm

12.40pm - 12.45pm
Emerald City Kickball

12.45pm - 12.50pm
Meridian Welcome

12.50pm - 1pm
Yokelust (DJ set)

12.55pm - 1.05pm
Jye Gray

1.05pm - 1.10pm
Contentious Character

1.10pm - 1.25pm

1.25pm - 1.55pm

Your Hosts: Molly Poppinz & InkBits

1.55pm - 2.10pm
Queer Zumba

2.10pm - 2.15pm
SpringOUT Welcome

2.15pm - 2.20pm

2.20pm - 2.30pm
Yokelust (DJ set)

2.30pm - 3pm
Garret Lyon

3pm - 3.05pm
Ravi Oli

3.05pm – 3.10pm
Deloitte Time

3.10pm - 3.20pm
Yokelust (DJ set)    

3.20pm - 3.25pm
Jye Gray

3.25pm - 3.55pm
Ellen Reed

3.55pm - 4.05pm
Yokelust (DJ set)

4.05pm - 4.10pm

4.10pm - 4.15pm
Molly Poppinz

4.15pm - 5pm