Map description for accessibility.

FreshOut is located in Glebe Park, which is bordered by Bunda St, Akuna St, and Cooyong St, which becomes Coranderrk St at a bend. 

Glebe Park covers 4 hectares on the eastern side of Canberra’s city centre. It features a stage, a 19th-century-style rotunda, sculptures, barbecues, playgrounds, and a large grassy area.

FreshOut's main stage and busiest areas of FreshOut are located at the end of the park furthest from Akuna St, and closest to Coranderrk St. 

The park’s borders that front roads are marked by a stone fence with steel railings, with access through formal gateways. 

Disabled parking and drop-off zones are located via the carpark off Coranderrk St.

If arriving via this carpark drop-off zone, there is a pathway at the right side of the carpark (facing away from the road) that leads to the market stall zone, and is very close to the main stage.

Following this path to the marketplace, and still facing the main stage, to your right is a licensed bar, food, water station and First Aid. In that order.

Ahead pass through the marketplace stalls to reach the main stage audience area. In front of the main stage is a picnic area for sitting on the grass and enjoying the performances. 

To your left are more marketplace stalls, across the pathway from the marketplace are toilets which include a disabled toilet.

Further along, the pathway to the left adjacent to the markets, is the main entrance. This main entrance is also the best way to approach FreshOut if walking from Canberra Centre or Bunda St.

At the main entrance and facing the main stage, there are more toilets to the left, and past the toilets is a quiet space, and beyond the quiet space are areas for pets, then Cooyong St.

Along the pathway that runs to the left of the main stage is a licensed bar, Meridian’s stall, A Gender Agenda, and Emergency Services. Across the path from those stalls, and closer to the main stage, are more areas for pets, and then the picnic area in front of the main stage.

Please contact one of our many volunteers if you require directions or assistance at any time. We hope you have a wonderful and welcoming day at FreshOut.